Hunger Games District Seals

Panem is a nation which was established during an unknown time period following the destruction of modern civilization. It is run by a single-party dictatorship in the Capitol that appears to be led by President Snow. The Capitol rules 12 districts, each represents unique industry and way of living. Here are the 12 District seals of Panem.

Panem District 1 — LUXURY

District 2– MASONRY

District 3– TECHNOLOGY

 District 4– FISHING

District 5– POWER


District 7– LUMBER

District 8– TEXTILES

District 9– GRAIN

District 10– LIVESTOCK

District 11– AGRICULTURE

District 12– MINING

This is a map showing the location and area of Panem, including the 12 districts. (unofficial and fan-made). For the official Panem Map from the Hunger Games Adventures, click here.

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