100 Days of Hunger Games — The Scenes Celebuzz is Dying to See

Are you excited for the Hunger Games to come in the big screen this March 23, 2012? Me, I’m suuuppppeeerrr excited and I can’t wait for that day to come. If you’ve read the books, there are certain scenes you are looking forward to it too, right? For me, I’m really excited  to see the Reaping, Tribute Parade, Rue’s death, tracker jacker attack/blowing up of the supplies of Career tributes, Katniss/Peeta cave scene, the mutts in the Cornocupia, Katniss versus Clove versus Thresh aka the Feast scene, Cato versus Peeta/Katniss, and the berry scene.

Let’s take a look on the scenes that Celebuzz is looking forward to see in the big screen this March.

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