Fox Face Says that The Hunger Games Movie is Very True to the Book

Hey guyz, we really have nothing to worry about because the screenplay for the highly anticipated movie “The Hunger Games” is very true to the book. Here is District 5’s Fox Face, I mean Jacqueline Emerson has to say about it:

“It is very true to the book,” Emerson recently told me. “I was actually a huge fan of the books beforehand. I had to read it over the summer for school…We even did a day of Hunger Games at my school just a week before I got cast and my district won the games that we played!”

See? I’m sure the people from Lions Gate will make us happy because if not, they will not earn money! LOL! Here is what Fox Face has to say about filming the action-packed film:

“I didn’t get hurt. Nobody got hurt,” she said. “You’d think someone would have, but it was so safe.”

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