Hunger Games Project of MainStayPro Featuring Rue’s Death and Katniss/Peeta’s Cave Scene

I found the following clips on Youtube. The clips featured scenes from the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins. The guys from MainStayPro are actually fans and they decided to create clips depicting the books. So, here the clips. Enjoy.
Note: The following clips are not from the official movie but these are made by Hunger Games fans. Is that clear? Remember, the official Katniss is Jennifer Lawrence, Peeta is Josh Hutcherson, Gale is Liam Hemsworth, and Rue is Amandla Stenberg.

Rue’s Death Scene in the 74th Hunger Games

The following clip is quite touching although I was disappointed on the actress who played Rue. I mean she is not that terrible in acting but she did not match Rue’s physical appearance. Of course, Rue has dark skin and hair, whereas the actress playing it is blond. On the other hand, I just don’t like Katniss’ hair in this clip, it’s pretty obvious that it’s a wig. Although the acting is quite good (but it’s not best), I am still looking forward on how Jennifer Lawrence and Amandla Stenberg will bring that scene into life. I’m really excited to shed tears for that. I know they’re going to be great.

Well, before we could watch Rue’s death scene in the official Hunger Games movie on March 23, 2012, let’s see Danielle Chuchran as Katniss and Savanna Kylie Lewis as Rue. I read somewhere that Danielle actually auditioned for Katniss but in the end it was Jennifer who got the role. I don’t know with Savanna but I guess she auditioned too, not for Katniss of course but for Rue. Well, don’t lose hope guys, I know both of you will have the perfect roles someday. Just don’t lose that hope and faith because you’ll going to be like the big stars of today. Maybe Hunger Games is not just for both of you.

By the way, the man behind this creative video is John Lyde from Main Stay Productions. Find him and his crew at Thanks Mr. Lyde for devoting your time in creating the short clips. I love the ending music, which is Iridescent by Linkin Park, it’s actually an official soundtrack to the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon.

Katniss and Peeta’s Cave Scene during the 74th Hunger Games

You can still see Danielle Chuchran as Katniss in the next video with a British actor named Ben. If you haven’t noticed, this is the time when Katniss returned from the feast to get Peeta’s medicine. Yeah, Katniss did risk her life to get that medicine for Peeta’s wound, which had already led to blood poisoning. She almost died in Clove’s hands but Thresh saved him because she saved Rue.

Before you could comment further about the video, please read the message from the creator. Don’t even think about asking questions like “how come Peeta become British?” or whatsoever. Honestly, they do have chemistry but not the one that could really move you.

Katniss, The Girl on Fire

Danielle is very beautiful here. I think she looks more beautiful with black hair than her natural blond.

MainStay Pro surely has spent their effort, time, and money to make this project and they deserve credits. The following video shows Katniss’ interview before the start of the 74th Hunger Games, which she must fight against other tributes to survive.

Note: This video was designed at the request of as a teaser for their site.

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