Katniss’ Fire Gown – Hunger Games Costume Styles

Aside from bringing down a corrupt dictator, the Hunger Games trilogy also features the world of media and of course fashion! The people in the Capitol (as what author Suzanne Collins envisioned it) are quite fashionable and are looking for ways to make impression and to look brilliant as possible even if we couldn’t really understand them that much.
Anyway, fashion is important for the Hunger Games tributes. With fashion, these teenagers will be able to make impression so as to get more sponsors. Of course, if these sponsors (usually rich Capitol people) are impressed and are interested in a particular tribute, they will send gifts via parachutes. These gifts are really expensive during the Games and sponsors are very willing to give it to their loved tributes. These gifts will be anything that might be needed by a tribute, either food, medicine, or other supplies.
In the Hunger Games, Cinna helps Katniss makes a really good impression to attract more sponsors. One way in doing so is the creation of a fire-blazing gown during the pre-Game interview. Katniss’ gown has fire trailing her back as a representation to her coal mining district. There are already lots of people who are hooked into this Hunger Games mania even if the movie hasn’t been shown yet. In fact, fashion designers have shared their imagination on Katniss’ gown with fire. Here are the designs of contemporary designers (courtesy of InStyle) to Katniss’ gown during the Tribute Parade for the 74th Hunger Games.
Which do you think is the best among those designs? I bet the first one of the first image is the best of all. 

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