Rue’s 4 Note Melody in the 74th Hunger Games

Rue is one of my favorite characters in the Hunger Games. She is the girl tribute from District 11, where agriculture is the main source of living. She is described to have brown skin with dark hair, small and is often underestimated by her competitors. Rue saved Katniss’ life from the tracker jacker, which are genetically-altered wasps and causes hallucination once stung. They were allies in the Games and Katniss reminded Rue of her sister Primrose, whom she loved the most by volunteering as the tribute instead of her. Rue decided to trust Katniss only because of the pin she wore over her heart, the famous mockingjay pin. 

Rue got 7 out of 12 from the score’s given by the Game makers before the commencement of the 74th Hunger Games. She can jump from one tree to another without difficulty at all and she is very fast. She spent most of her time in the field to feed her family, she is the oldest. There is this 4-note melody that she sang whenever the day of work in the field is over. She applied that in the Games with Katniss, when the two decided to blew up the food and supplies of the Career tributes, led by Cato. They used the tone to indicate that their objective is done. Katniss was the one to blew up the food and supplies with her arrows while Rue decided to make distractions by producing smokes from piles of wood.
The purpose of this post is to show you (you can listen it here) the 4-note melody of Rue. If you are a good observer, you can actually hear the sound at the end of the Hunger Games trailer. So, here it is. By the way, Amandla Stenberg will play Rue in the upcoming adaptation of the Hunger Games.

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