Hunger Games Cast in Empire Magazine

Here are a couple of stills from the upcoming Hunger Games film. These were taken from the iPad version of the Empire Magazine from UK.
The first still features Effie (busy with her make up retouch thing) with Haymitch and Peeta on the background. Based from this still, I think this might have been taken from the Tribute train heading to the Capitol. Haymitch is having a small chat with Peeta and I think he’s talking about Effie. Bad Haymitch. Oh and there’s an inset of President Snow.

The next still is from the Girl on Fire, Katniss Everdeen. Actually, she’s not in fire with this one. She’s spotted on 12’s electric fence with her hunting attire on. Katniss is wearing her father’s jacket and ready to enter the meadow. Her outfit is a manifestation of District 12’s poverty as opposed to the rich and glamour of the Capitol. And something bothers me about the belt. LOL

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