Hunger Games Movie Costume – Footwear Used by Effie, Seneca, Tributes, and Capitol People

If you never heard about Capitol Couture, it is a brand new website that promotes the fashion of Capitol of the nation of Panem. Head over at and if you are asked to enter the password, it will be #lookyourbest. Recently, they have featured amazing shoes that are worn by the Capitol people in the upcoming Hunger Games movie. Here, have a look at the those shoes. They are really, really beautiful.
Effie Trinket Shoes


These towering 24-Karat front-zip booties on Miss Effie Trinket, as she greeted her District 12 Tributes at the Capitol Train Station.

Capitol Socialite


Yummy grosgrain peep-toes on one of the Capitol’s favorite socialites. Just how black were they in person? Coal-black. A sure sign of the District 12-inspired fashion revolution we predict is just around the corner.

Tribute Boots


The roughest and tumblest boots we’ve ever seen on one of this year’s darling Tributes. Bravo to District 8’s stylists for stepping it up this year. Those boots will hold up in any Arena.

CityCircle Waitress shoes


Cute-yet-daring periwinkle peep-toes on a charming City Circle waitress. Dare we ask where she got shagreen leather? Looks like someone paid a visit to District 4.

Seneca Crane’s shoes


This year’s Head Gamemaker, Seneca Crane, did not disappoint in these impressive Cordovan equine leather balmorals.

Capitol Citizen’s shoes


Pink gladiator heels on a Capitol citizen just outside President Snow’s mansion. Where are the fashion Peacekeepers when you need them?

What do you think of these shoes?

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