Katniss and Effie’s Hair Tips from the Hunger Games Movie Stylist Linda Flowers

Ever wonder how Jennifer Lawrence’s hair is styled for the Hunger Games movie? Hairstylist Linda Flowers has provided tips on how she brought the signature hair looks of Katniss to film. Read on the article from http://www.belfasttelegraph.co.uk/.

Jennifer Lawrence’s The Hunger Games tresses were “classic and soft”, says the film’s hairstylist.

The Hunger Games’ on set hairstylist Linda Flowers says she loved creating Katniss’ look towards the end of the film.

“I loved doing Jennifer’s – Katniss’ hair when she was coming home from the games. She wore a pink dress that looked like it was from the 50s so I used the TopStyler and did figure eights and one finger curls with the c-shells to get a contemporary finger wave style like a 50s old Hollywood look. I believe it portrayed how much she had grown up from the games and came into her own as a young women because it was classic and soft,” she told Beauty High.

“And of course Effie – Elizabeth Banks – was really fun, she was sophisticated yet whimsical. How often do you get to put pink and green hair on someone?”

Jennifer wears a braid throughout the most of the film as her character’s signature look. Linda has explained how she created the classic hair do.

“Katniss’ signature braid took about 20 minutes – I first used the TopStyler by InStyler to create texture in her hair then I did a French braid from her left side scooping down her nape and over to the right side. I tried to create something a little more interesting then just a side braid,” she explained.

So, just remember, Katniss’ signature hairstyle in the Hunger Games movie:

    Step one: prep

    Start by setting hair with The TopStyler, a curling and waving system that Flowers invented herself, using a soft-spin technique to form texture and dimension. Do this by twisting the hair a few times, wrapping it backward with one finger, and clamping it in place using the ceramic shell clips (much the same as you would hot rollers). Let your hair set for 10 minutes and release when cool.

    Step two: braid

    Create a side-swept French braid by starting on the left side of your head and plaiting around until it drapes over your right shoulder. For a natural, unfinished look, leave a few wispy pieces out of the braid to frame your face.

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      Here is a video demonstrating the famous Katniss sidebraid in the movie from Linda Flowers and CuteGirlsHairstyles:

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