Civil Wars Gushes About “Safe and Sound” with Taylor Swift for the Hunger Games Soundtrack

Here is an article featuring Civil Wars’ experience working with Taylor Swift for the Hunger Games soundtrack “Safe and Sound.” 
What it like working with Taylor Swift on your song together for “The Hunger Games”?
White:  How that happened is we were out on the West Coast touring. We had already worked on a song with T-Bone Burnett on an original song for that soundtrack. Taylor had become fan and friend of ours and kept in touch. When they found out we were close by and she and T-Bone were getting ready to write a song for “The Hunger Games” they decided to give us a call and see if we wanted to do it with them, which worked out pretty well. We went to Los Angeles, went over, and a couple hours later the song was finished, and maybe an hour and a half later we had finished tracking guitars and all the vocals and went out and did our show that night.
Civil Wars is composed of Paul White and Joy Williams. (see image above)

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Watch out for the video premiere of Taylor Swift and Civil Wars’ “Safe and Sound” at MTV on February 13, 2012 (ET). Click here to find out more.

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