Hunger Games Fan Art — Katniss and Peeta

Here are two amazing fan arts featuring the star-crossed lovers from District 12, Katniss and Peeta. I do not own any of them and I just thought that these two deserve a really good spot on this site. Thank you for the artists who created these, you know who you are.
The first is really amazing. I found this one at Tumblr and I forgot the name of the artist. It made Katniss and Peeta held each other’s hand. If you could remember, Jen’s picture here is taken from the time she was escorted by the Peacemakers in the full length trailer. On the other hand, the other picture is EW’s cover of Josh Hutcherson as Peeta. It looked like it is really true, like Jen and Josh really held their hands. The background is also amazing, the artist used the second official poster.

The second fan art is also edited. I think the bodies used here are from Twilight’s Taylor Lautner (Jacob) and Kristen Stewart (Bella). And I know it’s kinda awkward but it’s okay (don’t even mention it). The placement of Josh and Jen’s heads were perfect. It’s as if they’re really true. Super amazing.

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