Hunger Games Movie Stills from Magazines

Here are stills from different magazines. I really don’t know what magazines these stills were taken from but they are good in getting a better view on what the movie will look like. Thanks for this.

Training Center

the Tributes


I bet this scene is taken from the private session with the Gamemakers

Katniss taking down notes


Peeta  and his camouflage skills (look at his left hand)

Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane

Training Center Apartment for District 12 Tributes

at last I get to see Portia.  that hair is cool. oh and there’s the Avox girl

come on guys, don’t fight (heheh)

drunken Haymitch (cheers!)


Interview with Caesar Flickerman



Marvel, Cato, Clove, Foxface, etc.





a Capitol citizen with her pink dog (cool)

I think this is from the Tribute train (Katniss is still wearing her Reaping attire)

Prim and her mother Mrs. Everdeen

Katniss trading with Greasy Sae at the HOB (District 12’s Black Market)

Update: the stills above seem to be featured on “The Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Companion” and “The Hunger Games Tribute Guide.” If you wish to order copies of your own, click here.

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