Hunger Games Movie Stills – Tributes in Training

Here are several stills from the Hunger Games Tribute Guide and Official Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Companion. Thanks to for high-res images from his ebook copy of the Illustrated Movie Companion. Enjoy!
Atala discussing the rules in the Training Center to the tributes of the 74th Hunger Games

This is Atala, she is in charge at the Training Center

Cato, the leader of the Careers (very good in handling the sword)

Clove, a Career Tribute who’s very good in throwing knives

Gauntlet, some sort of obstacle course wherein tributes must need to jump while dodging the strikes that will come along the way

Glimmer from District 1

Katniss, reading notes to improve her survival skills in the Arena

Katniss and Peeta, sharing their good luck stares before each other’s private sessions with the Gamemakers

an upset Katniss during her private session with the Gamemakers

Katniss before her private session with the Gamemakers

Katniss practicing her ability in setting snares in the Training Center

Katniss Everdeen

Peeta and his camouflage skills (look at his left hand)

Peeta, waiting for his private session with the Gamemakers

An anxious Peeta before his private session

Peeta practicing his strength and durability with the hanging ropes at the Center

Rue practicing her skills with the ropes in the Training Center

Head Gamemaker Seneca Crane and his members

Thresh, a tribute from District 11

Atala and the tributes

the Gauntlet, the tributes will run here while dodging the strikes of the trainers

concept of the Training Center

the Tributes line up
and I included this one from People’s preview of their March 2012 special Hunger Games edition.

Peeta practicing his skills in painting to create a camouflage from a tree bark

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