Hunger Games Theatrical Trailer 2 from Yahoo Movies

Can’t wait to see the 2nd theatrical trailer for the movie Hunger Games? Here is a very good reason to make your day. I present you the 2nd Hunger Games movie trailer from Yahoo Movies. You don’t have to attend the Super Bowl just to watch it specially if you are not really a huge NFL fan. Thank you so much Yahoo Movies for this amazing surprise. If you wish to attend the world premiere of the Hunger Games, you may read this one and get your chances in winning premiere tickets.

The trailer was great although I was disappointed that I wasn’t able to see a couple of clips of Rue, Peeta/Katniss’ cave scene, and some arena fights. Well, I guess Lionsgate just wants us to crave for the movie more. I can also say that they are really strengthening Katniss and Prim’s relationship in the movie because as you could see in the trailer, Katniss was giving the pin to her sister Prim. If you’ve read the books, Madge, the mayor’s daughter, gave her Aunt Maysilee’s mockingjay pin to Katniss. I think it’s a good idea because in the first place Katniss risked her life for her sister. But all in all, seeing the three trailers including the sneek peak, the Hunger Games movie is really true to the book apart from the fact that Suzanne Collins was also involved in the screenplay. Any thoughts?

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