Hunger Games Tribute Guide Scans

Here are a couple of edits I did using the images from “The Hunger Games Tribute Guide.” I was actually jumping up and down when I saw them.

For the skills and weapons of the 24 tributes, click here.

I purchased the kindle version of “The Hunger Games Tribute Guide” and if you want to grab a copy of your own, go ahead and purchase one now.

The Hunger Games Tribute Guide [Paperback]

The Hunger Games Tribute Guide [Kindle Edition]

I’m planning to get the Hunger Games Official Illustrated Movie Tie-In. I’ve seen some low resolution images of the tie-in edition (see them here). If in case you got HQ scans or even just the pictures from it, you could send it to me at and I’ll post it here so that other fans will also be able to see it.

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