Katniss Shot the Apple out from the Pig’s Mouth, Seneca Crane Shocked – 74th Hunger Games Tribute Session Animated GIF

This is one of the scenes I’m dying to see for the upcoming Hunger Games movie. It’s Katniss’ private session with the Gamemakers wherein she shot the apple off the pig’s mouth. Because of that, she got the highest score from the Gamemakers – 11. Clove and Cato were pretty upset and it made Katniss their number one enemy in the arena. This animated gif was taken from the extended trailer shown during the US TV program Survivor. In case you haven’t seen it, you can see it here.

And after that,

Katniss was pretty upset!

Lesson? Okay so Gamemakers must pay attention to the tributes when they are showcasing their talents. Are you listening Gamemakers? You should be happy because Katniss didn’t actually shot the arrow on your neck! HAHAHA

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