Leven Rambin Tells E! Why There Aren’t Hookups and Gossips at the Hunger Games Set

Leven Rambin as Glimmer
Read this article from E! News on why the Hunger Games set is gossip free.

We know you hate it when we compare The Hunger Games with fellow franchise juggernaut Twilight.

Well, get ready to rage: ‘Cause after Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and the gang gave us so much juicy goss on their set, we assume any flick made up of young, hot up-and-comers will do the same.

Well H.G. disappointed in that department: No hookups. No temper tantrums. No Vices. And a star from the film tells us why:

“Well, everyone was in a relationship going into the movie, pretty much,” Leven Rambin (who plays the gorge Tribute Glimmer in the film) laughed when we asked about the lack of hearsay at last week’s The Hollywood Reporter’s Nominee’s Night.

She’s, of course, referring to Jennifer Lawrence and her X-Men relaysh with Nicholas Hoult (the twosome have packed in some serious PDA lately) and hunky Liam Hemsworth’s long-term romance with Miley Cyrus.

Josh Hutcherson was also seen out and about with Vanessa Hudgens around the time the movie began filming (though the two have since split). Meaning there wasn’t too much room for on-set nookie.

Leven continued, “Also, there were a lot of moms around to keep us all in line, because a lot of the kids were younger. It was kind of low-key, just a professional vibe. Everyone was really professional. There wasn’t anything too gossipy to report.”

And there’s the key ingredient: Moms!

There wasn’t very much parental supervision on the Twilight films—in fact, the only moms who kept eyes on those sexy stars were the Twi-Moms who want to bed R.Pattz themselves! Sheesh.

But, Leven is sure even with the lack of buzz concerning the cast’s personal lives, the movie will still be a success:

“I’m confident in the material we did and the performances we all gave,” she told us. “Critically, I think people will love it, outside of being a fan of the book. And I think fans of the book will really gravitate towards it.”

We agree. Though, we will say we don’t mind seeing J.Law smoochin’ in the paparazzi pics. Hey, it’s just an added bonus, right?!

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