Buy Hunger Games Merchandise from the US to the Philippines – My District 12 Tshirt Replica

The sad thing about being a Hunger Games fan away from the U.S. like in the Philippines is that we really can’t see the cast in person or attend to special events related to the Hunger Games. What’s more sad is that most of the Hunger Games collectibles are only available to major countries like U.S., Canada, or UK. However, because of latest technology we can already get our most treasured Hunger Games collectibles. In this post, let me share to you how I get my District 12 Training T-shirt from the U.S. straight to the Philippines. 
When Lionsgate via NECA announced various Hunger Games movie merchandise and collectibles, I fell in love with the District 12 Training Shirt. I really need to get that one or else I’m going to regret this all my life. So what I did is explored the web on how on Earth I could ship the product to my country safely and quickly. 
I was having this idea that this shirt will be so attractive to fans and I decided to order it right away (even if it is still available for pre-order). So, I pre-ordered the District 12 Training Shirt at Amazon on February 29, 2012, I chose the XS. The sizing (measurement) is provided so you could choose the shirt that will fit your body. By the way the price I guess is more than $34. The total payment is about $42 including the shipment fee and tax. I didn’t send it directly to the Philippines but to Johnny Air’s New York branch. Johnny Air is a freight company which has lots of branches in the Philippines. So basically, Johnny Air’s New York branch address was used as my address where Amazon will ship my item because as far as I’m concerned if Amazon will ship the item to the Philippines, it will take too long and the shipment fee will be too expensive. I contacted a Johnny Air employee and she was really accommodating. I advised her that the item I ordered from Amazon is still available for pre-order and I sent her the order receipt from Amazon. On March 20, 2012, I received a notification from Amazon that my item will be shipped to the address I have provided on the 22nd. I then notified Johnny Air about it and then on the 23rd, they shipped my item to the Philippines. After about a week, I received my item and I was really happy the shirt fits me perfectly. The quality is excellent too, it deserves the price! Now, I really feel like I’m Katniss in the training center! Here are the images of my District 12 Training Shirt Replica.

If you would like to know more about Johnny Air’s services, you can visit this link. You could still order the District 12 Training Shirt from Amazon. I found out the seller have increased the price, from $34 to $39.99. So, if you wish to have such shirt, you should get yours now or supplies will run out!


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