NYU Sophomore Jack Quaid Makes His Big-Screen Debut in The Hunger Games As Marvel

From NYU Local:
With The Hunger Games becoming increasingly popular, we sought out to interview Jack Quaid, and NYU Sophomore who plays the role of Marvel in the popular film. It’s worth noting that Jack is the son of Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan. And although he may have two famous parents, Quaid has recently made a name all for himself in the industry after making his big-screen debut in the first movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins’ popular book series.
Jack Quaid (Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid’s son)
Quaid is currently a sophomore at NYU studying in the Experimental Theatre Wing at the Tisch School of the Arts. Additionally, he is a member of NYU’s Hammerkatz, a sketch comedy group. He sat down with NYU Local for a chat about his new found fame.

How does it feel to be on the big screen?

It’s a little weird. Seeing myself on the big screen for the first time is like…I don’t know. I found myself…It was very hard to actually pay attention to the story because I was just kind of looking at the aesthetics of myself rather than my performance. I was like, “Ah, how do I look in this shot?” And as the movie went on, I was like, “Okay, now it’s time for the story; I can actually enjoy this.” But like seeing yourself at least for the first shot, you’re just worried about how you appear to the outside world, just because I knew this movie would be seen by everybody. It was a lot of pressure.

Do you think you’d survive the Hunger Games?
Hell no! I would probably just find the nearest hole to lie in and just wait it out if I could…just wait for everyone else to die.

Which co-star did you connect to the most?

Kind of everybody really, because it was kind of like summer camp. Everyone was around the same age and only me and two other people were a little bit older, but everyone was kind of around the same age. It was just fun. We hung out all the time. We went to town. We were all on the same diet because we all had to bulk up for the movie one way for another, so we just ate at the same restaurants. And I grew close to pretty much everybody.

the Career Tributes (from L-R) Clove, Cato, Marvel, Glimmer

Have you been noticed more in public now that you’ve been in a movie?

No, except for this one time when…I don’t know what random turn of events led to this but…I was walking through Union Square and there happened to be a book signing for the three leads of the movie. They were at Barnes and Noble and I walked by this line of people that was going down the block and I was like, “What is this?” And they all started to recognize me.

And then you ran away?

No, I actually stayed. I signed some stuff and took a few photos and then I was like, “I’ve got to go take a test.” And I left, but that’s been like the only time and that’s fine. I’m fine with not being recognized. It’s actually better if I’m not.

Having been in Neon Albatross and NYU’s Hammerkatz, do you feel sketch comedy has helped you become a better actor?

Definitely, especially because it allows you to create your own work. That way, you feel more connected to and have more respect for texts and what you’re reading when you know what it’s like from the other side.

How would you describe your sense of humor?

I really like just random things. Whenever something happens and I really don’t expect it, that’s what I laugh the hardest at. Futurama gets me in that way unlike any other show.

In an interview, Isabelle said that you can do the full “Single Ladies” dance. I also heard that you can do the stanky leg from your Tumblr fans. You also showed off your dancing skills in Sitting Babies. Would you consider yourself a good dancer?

I would consider myself…oh God. Okay, if I went to a dance class, everyone would look at me like, “What?” I just wouldn’t fit in. The only time I’m a good dancer if I’m just hanging out with friends, there’s good music playing, and just fooling around. No, I’m not a good dancer; I just look funny when I’m doing it. I think I’m only a good dancer if it pertains to humor.

What do you think of your fans’ posts on Tumblr?

I think it’s actually hilarious. A few things have been pointed out to me from Tumblr. There was a girl who…Do you know Flat Stanley?


There’s a girl who essentially Flat Stanley-ed me. It’s like a cut-out of me and she just brings it along places and takes pictures like, “This is Jack going to the supermarket!” and, “This is Jack driving on the freeway!” That was probably the funniest one. I pretty much showed them to my friends and it’s a good laugh. It’s also just good to know that people are responding to me. People know that I’m out there and somewhat enjoy me enough to put me in a block of cheese. It’s an honor more than anything.

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