Why ‘The Hunger Games’ Franchise Should Stick With Gary Ross

Read MTV‘s explanation on why Gary Ross must direct the sequel to the Hunger Games, Catching Fire.
It’s been a hectic few weeks for “Hunger Games” fans, to say the least. After seeing their beloved book realized at last on the big screen and opening to great reviews and record-breaking box-office numbers (it only took three weekends for the start of this franchise to overtake any of the “Twilight Saga” films — amazing!), some backroom Hollywood negotiations went public when Gary Ross was reportedly in and then out and then maybe back in again for helming the second installment, “Catching Fire.”

I’m not privy to any insider information on this one, but I will say I hope Ross is retained for the sequel and all the installments to come in the series. First of all, his passion and understanding of the material is genuine and impressive. In my conversations with Ross, it was clear that he was not just a gun for hire to launch a franchise and then take the money and run. (If reports are to be believed, in fact, his payday wasn’t all that exorbitant by Hollywood standards.)

Ross is a filmmaker who takes his time when choosing projects: “The Hunger Games” was only the third film he’s helmed in 14 years as a director. He’s credited as a co-writer on the film (a smart move by the studio for a man whose credits include “Big” and “Dave”), something none of the “Twilight Saga” directors, for instance, had an opportunity to do. And while I like the practice in some franchises of letting a different director put their stamp on a series in each go round (the “Mission: Impossible” movies are probably the best example of this), my gut tells me “The Hunger Games” would benefit from a consistent voice. I had some issues with the first “Hunger Games” film, but on the whole, Ross got it right. I’d love to see his vision realized for what’s to come in the life of Katniss Everdeen.

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