The World of Hunger Games Magazine Scans More Stills from the Movie

The following images were taken from the “World of the Hunger Games.” If you wanted to secure your own copy, you can purchase it from your local bookstore or from Amazon. Source:

Katniss and her hunting partner/bestfriend Gale at the Meadows

Peeta outside their bakery

Katniss hunts to bring food for her family

You better tuck in that tail little duck

Katniss volunteers for Prim in the Reaping

Katniss hugs her little sister tightly

Peeta and Katniss at the tribute train

Flavius and Venia making Katniss look more desirable at the Remake Center

Katniss’ room in the Capitol

Katniss and Peeta wait before they are being called by Caesar Flickerman for the interview

Katniss and Peeta in the Training Center (I think they are listening to Atala’s instructions here)

Katniss ready to take his queue in the Training Center

Peeta practicing his skills with camouflage

Katniss in her private session with the Gamemakers

Katniss being injected with her tracker

the tributes on their pedestal at the Cornucopia

Katniss stands at her pedestal at the Cornocupia

the Careers looking at Katniss at the tree

Katniss in the arena

Katniss has been injured from the fireball ignited by the gamemakers

Katniss trying to cut off the tracker jackers’ nest

Katniss and her little ally, Rue

Katniss and Rue having a good time eating their meal in the arena

Katniss listening to Rue’s dying wish – to win the Games

Katniss putting flowers on Rue’s dead body

Katniss tracking Peeta’s blood by the river

Katniss finally found Peeta hidden under the rocks and grass

Katniss assisting the wounded/dying Peeta

Katniss and Peeta in the cave

Katniss and Peeta staring at each others eyes in the cave

Katniss kisses Peeta in the cave

Katniss finds comfort in Peeta’s shoulder

Katniss risked his life to get Peeta’s medicine at the Cornocupia feast

Foxface’s death – she ate the poisonous nightlock that Peeta gathered

Katniss and Peeta runs to the Cornucopia to avoid the mutts
inciting the rebellion, Katniss won’t leave Peeta behind. They decided to take the nightlock together

Katniss and Peeta waiting for the hovercraft to pick them up

President Snow crowning Katniss and Peeta as the victors of the 74th Annual Hunger Games

Katniss expresses her love to Peeta at the post-Games interview with Caesar Flickerman

Katniss and Peeta having a little chat on their way back to District 12

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