Catching Fire Movie Filming Location Rumors in Georgia

According to, the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire, might be filmed in Georgia. They have pointed that news anchor Russ Bowen from Asheville, North Carolina (who was able to gave us some juice when the Hunger Games was filmed there including the stunt sketches) has tweeted this:

“Looks #catchingfire filming in NC could be very limited. Soundstage used for #hungergames may move out of Charlotte #avlnews #cltnews“

“Just asking the question. Is NC fighting to keep #catchingfire?”

 “Pre-production for #catchingfire starts in mid-june and looks likely soundstage leaving Charlotte and headed to Atlanta #avlnews #cltnews“

The added that the soundstage at an old factory in Charlotte was where they filmed all the Capitol scenes for The Hunger Games.
In one of Jennifer Lawrence’s interview by EW, she said that Catching Fire might be filmed in Hawaii (read the article here). It makes sense though since the arena for the Second Quarter Quell (75th Annual Hunger Games) is tropical with beaches and trees. Well, let’s just find out if all of these rumors are true. 
Some fans have assumed that the scenes in Georgia might be for the Victors’ Village while others think that they might shoot scenes from other districts here. What do you think?

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