The Hunger Games Adventure – Let’s Meet the Developers Funtactix

Recently, Ynet News has caught up with the developers of the Hunger Games Adventures. Read on and find out more about them and the game. Enjoy.

Things are completely different for Funtactix’ new game, “The Hunger Games Adventures.” The beta version of the Facebook game – which has players survive harsh times in District 12 with help from the heroine, Katniss – drew a million active users in a month, 150,000 of whom are active daily.

The brand and the social media platform make all the difference – along with, probably, the studio’s increasing professionalism.

Other than the story by Suzanne Collins, “The Hunger Games Adventures” is a typical Facebook game – based on simple, repeated actions designed to tempt the player to spend a little money to save waiting or effort. People who don’t care for this kind of game won’t change their mind, but even they will discern that the game is polished and for a Facebook game has excellent presentation.

When the financial crisis hit, Funtactix hit re-start. Seeking a new direction, the firm contacted agents in Los Angeles and sent a representative to New York. The company was looking to cooperate with familiar entertainment brands. Step by step, the studio gained both contacts and reputation. Funtactix headed the creation of a game site for the animated film “Rango,” then a social game for “Mission Impossible,” as well as the current interactive version of the pessimistic but popular future in Panem. This cooperation lets Funtactix focus on development, resting secure that the brand and the marketing folks will take care of the other, no less critical, part.

What does the future hold for the company? First of all, there are ambitious plans for “The Hunger Games.” The game is undergoing expansion, with new stages, objects, and areas being added constantly. With Collins’ help, the game will add many other aspects of the world she created in her popular series.

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