Kristen Stewart Wants Hunger Games Couple Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence to Win the 2012 MTV Movie Awards Best Kiss and See How The Two Handle It

Kristen Stewart, who became famous for portraying Bella from Twilight, has recently talked to MTV UK to promote her alter ego, Snow White. Find out more about why K-Stew loves to see the Hunger Games couple win the Best Kiss award for this year. 
“I don’t know. For the last few years it was ‘The Twilight Show’ and it was bizarre and this year’s gonna be fun. It’s gonna be like ‘Oh good, something different! Please God, something different’. 
“I would love to see them go up there and I would love to see how someone else dealt with it to be honest. It’s like ‘are you gonna do it?’, ‘are you gonna give it to them’.”
She added: “If we didn’t win, I would actually be stoked to see like how it all goes down and how they handle it.”
Read more about the interview here.

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