Lionsgate Assures Hunger Games Sequel Catching Fire to be Released into the Scandinavian Audience

Lionsgate and its newly acquired Summit Entertainment (the home of the Twilight series) have recently made an agreement with Nordisk Film for the release of several films in Scandinavia. Find out more from Rapid TV News.
Nordisk Film has signed a multiyear output agreement to feature films in Scandinavia from both Lionsgate and Lionsgate’s recent acquisition, Summit Entertainment. 
The agreement, announced at the Cannes Film Festival, is an extension of an existing arrangement with Summit, the studio behind the blockbuster Twilight series.
“We are proud to extend Summit’s longstanding relationship with the team at Nordisk Film to include both the Lionsgate and Summit brands in Scandinavia, a natural evolution of our historic partnership that promises significant benefits for both partners,” said Nordisk execs. “The recent merger of Lionsgate and Summit allows us to bring a dramatically expanded portfolio of product to our distribution partners around the world and enables us to achieve significant economies of scale and an even higher level of consistency and predictability in our global business.”
The upcoming Lionsgate-Summit combined slate includes such hot releases as Lionsgate’s upcoming Catching Fire, the second film in the popular Hunger Games series, and Twilight’s Breaking Dawn Part II. Also covered is Sam Raimi’s The Possession, The Last Stand with Arnold Schwarzenegger and the new Dirty Dancing film.

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