Catching Fire Might be Filmed in Kauai, Hawaii, Might Return to Henry Mill Village in NC

Kauai, Hawaii
Lionsgate has been so tight in releasing any tidbits from the upcoming sequel of the Hunger Games which is officially named as “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.” According to our friends from, Catching Fire might be shot in Kauai, Hawaii based on the tweets from North Carolinian anchor Russ Bowen. Here are his tweets for the past few days.
  • “Hearing conflicting reports that #catchingfire folks are here in Asheville Let’s hope so and NC gets to be a part of filming again”
  • “I’m not sold on the word that #catchingfire folks are here in Asheville too many conflicting reports”
  • “Sources close to #Catchingfire tell me Kauai most likely shooting site for arena. To be shot last three weeks of filming #hungergames” [photo of Kauai above]
  • “Lionsgate photographer recently visited Henry River (The Seam). Shooting there likely early fall. #catchingfire #hungergames“
As for now, there’s still no official reports or announcements about the filming locations as well as the actors. (Oh my God Finnick!) Josh Hutcherson and Jennifer Lawrence both hinted about Hawaii in their separate interviews. The potential Atlanta filming is still not official. But for those who are wanting to be part of the movie as an extra, I think you should prepare yourselves already.
Looking at the picture above, Kauai might be a good spot to shoot the arena scenes. I can’t to wait to see the scenes from the book into the silver screen.
PS: Mr. Bowen has also tweeted about the vandalism in Henry Mill Village, specifically at the Mellark’s Bakery:
  • “Location of Mellark’s Bakery in Henry River Mill Village vandalized. Not Cool. Don’t ruin it for everyone else #hungergames #catchingfire“
  • “someone stole the “p” in pastries.”
I don’t think true fans can do all that vandalism stuff. I don’t know maybe there are just people out there who can’t keep themselves from writing on the wrong places. If you find someone who are ruining something important in the Hunger Games fandom, please approach them in the right way without triggering a fight.

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