Catching Fire Movie News – The Script is Already Finished

The script for the Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire is already finished, Simon Beufoy talked to LA Times. Read the statement from LA Times below.

You might not think there’s much left for a Hollywood screenwriter to accomplish after penning a sequel to “The Hunger Games.” But for Simon Beaufoy, the Oscar-winning scribe behind “Slumdog Millionaire,” there’s plenty of work ahead now that he’s finished adapting Suzanne Collins’ novel “Catching Fire.”

“I’m done [with ‘Catching Fire’] and getting back to several different projects,” Beaufoy told 24 Frames from his home in London on Thursday.

If you have watched the interview by MTV to Elizabeth Banks during the 2012 Movie Awards,  she said that she has the script already. By all means, shooting will begin soon and I hope Mr. Beaufoy will be able to incorporate the key scenes in the book.

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