Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf Added to the Finnick Casting Rumors

So now, Colton Haynes from Teen Wolf (he plays the bully Jackson) is now added to the unending Finnick Odair casting rumors. According to our friend from via Brian Tutt, Colton will be having a meeting with the studio next week. So, is this all true? We’re going to find that out when Lionsgate announces it. Anyway, here is Brian Tutt’s statement on his blog:
I got to meet some of the cast of MTV’s “Teen Wolf”, including Colton Haynes. When I told him he was my pick for the role, he told me that the three who were widely reported as having the role on lock are not in the running at this point as far as he knew and that it was just a rumor. When I asked if this meant I should remain hopeful, he said yes. He has been in contact with the studio and has a meeting there next week. He kept it vague, and I understand completely. I imagine the studio wants things kept very much under wraps.
Brian Tutt and Colton Haynes

 What do you think of Colton Haynes playing Finnick?

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