Fan-Made Mockinngjay Propo by Jonathan Parris

Visual artist and freelance videographer Jonathan Parris has spent some major time to create a propo based on Suzanne Collins’ third book from the Hunger Games trilogy named the Mockingjay. If you have read the the third book, then you probably know about propos. These are series of short videos that aim to spark the fire of the revolution through Katniss Everdeen, the mockingjay – the symbol of rebellion. These are aired on Capitol TV throughout the districts by hacking into the government’s feeds. Anyway, watch the video and enjoy.

Here is a behind the scene video of the special effects used in making the propo.

and here are some promotional pics for the propo:


For more information about the fan made propo, visit this link.

My thoughts?

The video is good but I just think the actress needs more convincing. She’s not bad for a first timer and I think she can do better than that. Also, with the costume, when she’s about to reach the ladder, it seems that she’s having the hard time running or moving wearing it. I love the costume and I just hope it can be seen by the official Mockingjay film costume designers. As for the visual effects, I think it needs a little improvement. Some of the scenes were like from video games. But again, thank you for sharing your skills to the Hunger Games fandom.

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