The Hunger Games: Catching Fire Producer Breaks the Finnick Casting Rumors Craze

Nina Jacobson, the executive producer of the Hunger Games movies, has talked to LA Times during the 2012 MTV Movie Awards that the seat for Finnick Odair in Catching Fire is still wide open. Read more about Jacobson’s statement on casting Finnick and the fans’ opinions.
“That’s the thing that’s crazy — people are like way ahead of where we are,” Nina Jacobson told us on the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. “We’ve not narrowed things down by any means. It’s funny to see how things can take on a life of their own.”
But are the filmmakers taking fan input into account while seeking out their Finnick? Not entirely, says Jacobson.
“It means something that people can see [an actor] in that light, so you know [the actor] will be accepted by a lot of people, on the one hand,” she said. “On the other hand, you have to kind of ignore it. You have to just sort of act like you’re sitting in a room and you want to just pick the person who gives the best audition and looks and feels most like the part.”
Since its release in March, “The Hunger Games” has collected over $645 million worldwide. The next installment is due in November 2013. “That’s pressure,” Jacobson acknowledged with a smile. “But it’s a good kind of pressure.”

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