Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Alexander Ludwig Talks on Who Shall Play Finnick Odair in Catching Fire

MTV’s Josh Horowitz has caught up with “The Hunger Games” stars Josh Hutcherson, Alexander Ludwig and Elizabeth Banks after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. The cast were able to give their views on who shall play Finnick in “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.”
Josh Hutcherson on Finnick
Josh Hutcherson certainly couldn’t pick when MTV News caught up with him after the 2012 MTV Movie Awards on Sunday. “I mean, honestly, I have no idea. I definitely need to re-read the second book,” he said. “I haven’t read it since I first read them, before the first one. So I think I kind of need to read it again to get a better grasp.”

Hutcherson added, “Physically strong, I think that’s a big important thing. I think somebody who’s kind of similar to Peeta in the sense that he knows sort of how to work the situation a little bit. I think the physicality would be really important for Finnick because he’s such an imposing character, for sure.”
Alexander Ludwig on Finnick
His fellow MTV Movie Award winner for Best Fight, Alexander Ludwig, had one person he’d love to see tackle the charming and sexy Finnick. “Whenever I read the books, I always thought Ryan Reynolds would be a great Finnick.” he said. “Ryan Reynolds is just how I pictured.”

When asked what characteristics Reynolds or any actor must possess to play the part, he broke it down for us. “I think he’s just got a charisma about him. Whenever I read the books, I was like ‘If I don’t get a [role] in the first one, [then I’d be interested].’ Finnick had always been something I was interested in as a character because he reminds me a little of myself.”
“He’s got a really good charisma about him,” he added. “He’s also got that bit of an egotistical edge to him which isn’t like me but I love it as character. It’s hilarious and he’s a really strong character too and he’s a really big part of the second book. He’s the most anticipated character in my mind as well. I can’t wait to see who they cast for him.”
Elizabeth Banks on Finnick
Best On-Screen Transformation winner and fellow “HG” star Elizabeth Banks was pretty stumped to have to play casting director for the part. “I don’t [know], honestly,” she said. “Everybody that’s ever been mentioned seems fantastic. I’m sure they’ll find the right fit. I think the cast has come together in such an amazing way so far and I know that their goal is to keep adding the best people and the people that its gonna be great.”
So, what does she hope Finn will be like? “You know, just charisma, just a lot of charisma,” she said. “And he’s a looker.”

 source: MTV News

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