Catching Fire Filming & Locations Update: Cameras Might Start on September 10, North Carolina Might Not be on the Scout’s List

If you have been keeping track of the filming locations for “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire,” you probably heard that the movie might be shot in Atlanta and Kauai, Hawaii. Talks about filming in North Carolina have been vague. 
The Hunger Games used North Carolina’s Henry Mill Village as a set for District 12 including Katniss’ house but now news has it that the place is already not in its former glory. Accordingly, some people have not been so respectful of the place because there were lots of vandalism reported. Recently, I have seen that a fan uploaded her photo outside the Mellark Bakery (the spot where Josh Hutcherson stood) and that “PASTRIES” has not become “ASTRIES.” Obviously, someone took out the P! Ashvegas recently reported that Catching Fire will not be filmed in North Carolina. According to them:

Sources we trust tell Ashvegas that the second installment of The Hunger Games trilogy,Catching Fire, will not be filmed in North Carolina. Parts of the first movie were filmed in and around WNC.

Russ Bowen, a news anchor from North Carolina, has tweeted that the owner of Henry Mill Village hasn’t heard from Lionsgate despite their conversation in early spring. He added that preproduction has already started in Chatahoochee Avenue in Atlanta.

NOTE: These are all rumors. There’s no official announcement from Lionsgate yet.

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