The Hunger Games’ Amandla Stenberg and Jackie Emerson Make it to the 74th Annual Popcorn N Roses Rising Star List

Amandla Stenberg and Jackie Emerson were able to the 74th Annual Popcorn N Roses Rising Star list because of their participation in the blockbuster movie, “The Hunger Games.” Amandla Stenberg played Rue while Jackie Emerson played the elusive Foxface. According to Popcorn N Roses:
#6 Female Rising Star of 2012: Jacqueline Emerson


* Featured role in one of the hottest movies of the year, “The Hunger Games”
* Has her own YouTube channel promoting her music career
* Very active in charity work

Jacqueline is completely unlike her ruthless, conniving “Hunger Games” character Foxface, and that’s a good thing…trust us. Although the film was Jackie’s first major film role, we’re betting that it’s only a launching point for her career. Her YouTube channel shows off her music very well; she’s also a gifted vocalist. And she’s also done voiceover work in the past, providing various voices for the 2004 TV series “Father Of The Pride”. She’s got a good head on her shoulders, she knows what she wants when it comes to a career, and she’s taking the point and making it happen..and it couldn’t happen to a more talented and deserving young lady.


“Son Of The South” – a period drama about the civil rights movement, Jacqueline has a featured role

#2 Female Rising Star of 2012: Amandla Stenberg


* Has one of the most pivotal roles in the spring smash “The Hunger Games”
* A huge career in commercials leading to acting success
* Started her career as a child model for Disney

Amandla plays Rue, the little girl whose demise triggers a major uprising in the spring hit “The Hunger Games”. With almost no lines – her character is seen a great deal of the time and not heard, which makes even more impressive that she takes over her part of the film, and the chemistry she has with her co-star, 2011 #3 Female Rising Star Jennifer Lawrence, is utterly amazing. With a very successful print ad career AND a very successful commercial career as well already under her belt, it’s only a matter of time before this 13 year old beauty takes off towards major stardom.


She has none announced at the moment, presumably because she’s also a full-time student. But we’ll be watching her every move over the next couple of years because she’s just AWESOME!
Jackie Emerson and Amandla Stenberg

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