Hunter Parrish Has Spoken to Lionsgate Producers for a Potential Role in Catching Fire

Hunter Parrish auditioned for Peeta Mellark in “The Hunger Games” but was lost to Josh Hutcherson. Several days ago, he was interviewed by MTV about getting a part in Catching Fire and he said about nothing getting so much hope for the sequel but he would be very glad if given the chance. Anyway, the MTV interview wasn’t really talking about his meeting with Lionsgate producers but with his recent interview with The Daily Beast, Hunter talks about talking to Lionsgate producers. Here is what he has to say:

“It would be fun,” he says, unable to contain himself. “If Lionsgate (the company behind the film) wants to go for it, I’ll be there. I’ll be right there.”

My thoughts?

There are already lots of fans who are considering Hunter as Finnick but I am not one of them. I think he’s got the looks but I think he’s not tall. I mean he’s just about Josh and Jen’s height and that would probably not fit Finnick’s physical description. The sad thing if he’s being cast is that others might find him as Peeta especially those who are not that familiar with the trilogy. LOL.

Hunter Parrish

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