Jena Malone Excited to Play Johanna Mason

Jena Malone, who was officially cast as Johanna Mason this week, has caught up with E! during the Dannijo & Tucker Tea dinner party in Beverly Hills, CA. She said:
For Catching Fire:
“I’m super excited.” 
When asked if she’s met with director Francis Lawrence.
“We’re getting there.”
As for preparing for her role, she said:

“One step at a time.”

Johanna is a former Hunger Games winner who becomes a rival to Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence).

One thing Malone doesn’t need to do is read the Hunger Games novels—she’s already done that.

“I read the whole series over a weekend when I had a wisdom tooth out,” she said. “I was in bed looking for something to read and my little sister recommended it like a year and a half ago, so she was like, ‘You have to read it! You have to read it!’ And so I’m glad I finally did and I loved it.”

Jena Malone

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