Videos/Images of Hunger Games Cast Willow Shields, Alexander Ludwig, Amandla Stenberg, Jack Quaid and Dayo Okeniyi at the 2012 San Diego Comic Con

The following are videos and pictures (I don’t own any of them) featuring Hunger Games cast Alexander Ludwig (Cato), Willow Shields (Primrose Everdeen), Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh), and Jack Quaid (Marvel) during the 2012 Comic Con in San Diego. Find out as the cast talks about their experience in filming the Hunger Games and how the movie changed their lives, etc. Enjoy.



Movies on Demand

At SDCC this weekend, Jack Quaid, Dayo Okeniyi, Amandla Stenberg and Willow Shields sat down with Movies on Demand to discuss the physical and mental preparation for their roles in the Hunger Games film. Willow also touches on what she is looking forward to while playing Prim in the next films. 

Entertainment Weekly

The Hunger Games cast members Willow Shields (Prim), Amandla Stenberg (Rue), Alexander Ludwig (Cato), Dayo Okeniyi (Thresh), and Jack Quaid (Marvel) all stopped by EW’s Comic-Con studio today to discuss how theybonded while making the film, their favorite scene from the film, and (per a question via Twitter) who would best survive a zombie apocalypse. Plus, Shields talks about Prim’s bigger role in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The video is not embeddable, visit  


Subscribers of SiriusXM Radio have had the privilege of listening to live broadcasts from SDCC this weekend, via Comic-Con Radio. Here are three video clips of SiriusXM’s interview with Hunger Games cast members Willow Shields, Amandla Stenberg, Jack Quaid and Dayo Okeniyi. In this clip, the actors talk about filming the arena scenes in the woods of NC.

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