Maria Howell on Her Role as Seeder in Catching Fire

Maria Howell, who was recently cast as District 11 victor Seeder, talked to NC Hollywood about her participation in Catching Fire.

 “I knew for close to two weeks now,” Howell told us via telephone, “but I was sworn to secrecy and couldn’t say anything about it until they said something, and today was the day.”

    She said it was “difficult like I don’t know what” to keep quiet for so long, but was happy to express her enthusiasm for the role now that the news is out.

    “I’m excited about it,” said Howell, “because it’s a part that I hope is going to spread the spectrum of what I can do. Sometimes you can get into a certain kind of role and people try to pigeonhole you. I never really wanted to be pigeonholed. I’ve always wanted to be more of a character actor in the sense that the world is wide open for all the different things that I can do. Revolution was the start of that.”

My thoughts? Hmm probably Finnick Odair is already cast but Lionsgate didn’t announce it yet because they are still busy promoting the Hunger Games DVD. But I really got this feeling that he will be cast soon. I hope before September ends.

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