Jennifer Lawrence on Splitting Mockingjay in Two Parts; On Catching Fire Director Francis Lawrence and Co-Star Sam Claflin

From Washington Post:

Jennifer Lawrence has reacted to the split of the adaptation of Mockingjay into two during the Toronto International Film Festival:

She said she initially thought it would be better to do the finale in a single film. When she got the news that it would be done in two parts, Lawrence was in the middle of shooting “The Hunger Games,” and she re-read the books and thought about how much had to be left out in adapting the first one.
“You want everything in there, but you don’t have enough room, and you’re trying to decide what’s going to get cut and what isn’t,” Lawrence said. “So it was a relief on the last one to know that we don’t really have to cut anything. We have enough time, we have enough room to really tell this story to the fullest, and we don’t need to cut anything.

Jen also joked about buying her own island from her potential earnings in Mockingjay 😉

In other interview, Jennifer Lawrence talks about director Francis Lawrence and her Catching Fire co-star Sam Claflin. From MTV:

Jennifer Lawrence to Sam Claflin: “He’s wonderful. He’s really sweet, a great, wonderful actor. He’s got a great American accent.”

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