Catching Fire Filming Update Including Jen’s Funny Moment in Catching Fire, Justice

Let’s have some Catching Fire filming update today! According to Atalnta-based company Peachy Scoop, Jennifer Lawrence fell off (a bit) from the stage flashing her underwear to the audience when filming the interview scene with Caesar Flickerman. Don’t worry Jen is fine. I can’t wait to see the mockingjay dress in the interview!
Here, take a look at the Facebook status of Peachy Scoop’s page. Thanks My Hunger Games for the screenshot and the heads up!

On the other hand, we got some set pics for the Atlanta Motor Speedway,where the tribute parade is being shot and the Justice Building at the Goat Farm that is about to be taken down.
A far view of the Atlanta Motor Speedway. It looks like there are a lot of green screen in there.

Meanwhile, here’s a pic from @sydrox2468 with the Justice Building at Goat Farm.

Update: has got us some pics of the Atlanta Motor Speedway (Tribute Parade) and the Clayton County Park (believed to be the spot for the Bloodbath scene). Thanks for the pics!

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