Catching Fire Filming Update: More Set Photos Featuring the Justice Building

It seems like scenes for the Reaping or the Victory Tour for an unknown district are already shot. 
More set photos have flooded the net these days. Find out more below:

According to Instagram user Nomrag:

I think #hungergames is #filming today. Oh and I saw #JenniferLawrence
while walking into the office. #catchingfire #atlanta #ATL #goodmorning

 –> ...and then, Nomrag posted another set photo which according to the user that Effie is being there.

#HungerGames is at it again. #Effie is on set today way back there. #CatchingFire #ElizabethBanks #Atlanta#ATL #filming

Hmm I'm not quite sure if Effie will be wearing the same color of outfit for the Quarter Quell Reaping. 
..and on the other hand, some Tweeter users from Atlanta have some scoop about the filming. According to Michael Campbell (via

Peachyscoop also shared some info about Catching Fire filming in Atlanta. The user is giving us tips about the filming of District 11 near I20 and 75. 

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