Toby Jones: Catching Fire Script is Tremendous

ET has recently interviewed Toby Jones, who plays arena announcer Claudius Templesmith, about Catching Fire. The actor talked about “The Hunger Games: Catching Fire” script, working with Stanley Tucci in front of a green screen and being part of a huge franchise.

ETonline: And then you have on-set photos coming out in the middle of production as paparazzi swarm the set. Now that it’s become such a successful and watched franchise, does makingCatching Fire feel any differently now than making The Hunger Games did.

Jones: Not so far. We’re blessed with, as we were on Harry Potter, lead actors who are amazingly grounded people. Jennifer [Lawrence] is amazingly grounded in the midst of all this to do. It must be unnerving and hard to relate to the amount of attention she generates. She and Josh [Hutcherson] seem very, very grounded. They’re getting down to the film like they did last time.
ETonline: As one of the few people who has read the Catching Fire script, what do you make of it?
Jones: It’s a bit of relief, I must say. I was worried it might just be repetitive, but it’s not. The script is just tremendous!
ETonline: Is it odd being a part of this massive production, yet pretty much only working with one other actor in front of a greenscreen?
Jones: Totally. But that’s how it felt doing [the voice of] Dobby as well. You come in as this satellite part of the film, so I only see Stanley [Tucci] in my scenes. These kinds of movies have so many different components; it’s about as different from doing The Girl as you could imagine.

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