Catching Fire Set Pics: Jennifer Lawrence Atop the Cornucopia Platform in Hawaii

Good news tributes, we now have our very first behind the scenes pics of the Catching Fire Hawaii shooting. Thanks to Twitter user for taking the pictures.

The first one features Jennifer Lawrence, who plays our heroine Katniss Everdeen, on the top of the Quarter Quell platform in the cornucopia.

Katniss on her platform at the Cornucopia
Katniss shooting someone at the cornucopia

The next picture is a wide view of the Hawaiian beach the cornucopia scenes are being shot. You can also see some people who are wearing white robes. I think these are the tributes since they were spotted in Atlanta wearing the same kind of clothes to hide the outfit. The next one is a zoomed picture of Josh Hutcherson and the other tributes on set.

the cornucopia scene in Hawaii

Peeta and other tributes

The next pic is an unknown tribute still on the top of his platform around the Cornucopia.

an unknown tribute in the platform
filming headquarter of Catching Fire in Hawaii

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