Jennifer Lawrence Confirms Catching Fire Filming in Hawaii and Reunion with the Cast and Crew

In a recent interview with ET, Jennifer Lawrence has confirmed the start of Catching Fire filming in Hawaii (probably in a week or so). She also mentioned how fun it is to be reunited with the cast and crew again.

“Yes, now we’re shooting in Hawaii. It’s actually really … it feels normal. It’s so bizarre, I think because everybody’s kind of the same, and seeing the whole crew back, and it’s like a little reunion. It’s really fun.”

 In another interview with Vulture, Jennifer also gushes about her excitement in filming Catching Fire in Hawaii and the Cheesecake Factory.

“It’s freaking Hawaii! I’m looking forward to everything,” she said. “And I just heard there’s a Cheesecake Factory, like, right down the street, part of the Trump, and that’s got me really, really excited. Don’t say Trump because I have no idea what I’m saying. But, yeah, so that has me excited. I think I’m the only American that really loves Cheesecake Factory and totally stands by it.”

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