Jennifer Lawrence Proud of “The Hunger Games”

In a recent article published at USA Today, Jennifer Lawrence talked about The Hunger Games and her ambition of becoming a producer someday.

On The Hunger Games:

“It’s so huge. It’s why I almost didn’t take the movie. It’s a character that can very easily overpower the rest of my characters. I don’t want to do something that’s kind of similar. I haven’t really done that many movies,” she says. 
“It’s such an awesome things to be part of something that speaks to so many young kids about something that actually matters, about what one young person can actually do. I feel like I’m part of an important message and that feels good. It feels nice.”
Jennifer Lawrence

On Producing Movies in the future:

“I want to have a production company. Sometimes I read a script and wonder, how is this not being made? And I drive past the billboards and the movies that are being made – it’s just so infuriating. I want to change that, hopefully. I’ve always wanted to direct,” she says. “I’m decisive but I’m also insecure. That would make me a great director. (I’d say), ‘This is definitely what I want. But wait. Is this what I want?'” 

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