Watch Hunger Games For Free When You Order a Domino Pizza in UK

Good news UK Hunger Games fans, you will now be able to watch “The Hunger Games” for free if you order a Domino pizza online. Lionsgate UK has collaborated with the pizza company Domino to provide video on demand services to customers who do their orders on their website. The movie is not limited to Hunger Games but also to selected Lionsgate-distributed movies like What to Expect When You’re Expecting. The news was shared to us by Hollywood Reporter.

Here’s the report:

Domino’s said customers ordering pizza from its website will also be able to watch Lionsgate titles streamed direct through a PC/MAC, mobile and tablet on a rental basis.
Customers will order, receive a code, and be able to stream recent titles such as The Hunger Games and What to Expect When You’re Expecting, and library fare such as Scream and Dirty Dancing while eating the pizza of their choice.
The Domino’s Pizza Box Office service rivals streaming rental services such as iTunes and Blinkbox, the VOD service owned by supermarket giant Tesco.
Domino’s sales and marketing director Simon Wallis said: “We pride ourselves on offering a vast choice when it comes to pizza and the same is true of Domino’s Pizza Box Office — whether you’re into action, horror or romcoms, there’s something for every pizza-eating occasion.”
Lionsgate UK COO Guy Avshalom said: “We are delighted to be working with Domino’s on this innovative new service and look forward to bringing our new releases and cult classics to pizza eaters in their homes across the country.”

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