Danny Strong Confirms He is Penning the Mockingjay Script

Few months ago, it has been rumored that Danny Strong will pen the script of Mockingjay Part 1 and 2. Weeks later Elizabeth Banks, who plays Effie in the movie franchise, mentioned Strong about the screenplay. However, Lionsgate did not released any official statement about it.
Now, in a recent interview with EW, Danny Strong have confirmed that he will write the screenplay of Mockingjay but he didn’t give a lot of details. 

According to him:

I can say very little about it. I was approached to pitch on it, and I just literally holed myself up for a week and came up with a presentation for two movies. I pitched my little heart out, and got the job. I literally can’t say anything else — I will just get in trouble. It’s, like, Defcon 5 on security over there. It’s really crazy.
Welcome to the fandom Mr. Strong.

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