Lionsgate Sues Yagoozon for Selling Unlicensed Mockingjay Pins

According to the latest report from EW, Lionsgate had sued Yagoozon for selling unlicensed Mockingjay pins that feature the symbol featured on the cover of the second book and official movie poster of Catching Fire. Moreover, EW has also mentioned THR’s report that Lionsgate only allow specific third party producers like NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) to sell the replica of the pins or any of the costumes used in the franchise. 
Per the Hollywood Reporter, Lionsgate complains that only specific third parties have the rights to sell various Hunger Games items and merchandise. The National Entertainment Collectibles Association is among the licensees, and they, in fact, are OK’d to sell a replica of the Mockingjay pin.
Per Lionsgate’s suit, Yagoozon tried to purchase merchandise from NECA on multiple occasions between March and April of 2012, but were refused. Then, in April, Yagoozon’s CFO sent a letter to NECA, saying it was unlawful that their competition was allowed to sell Hunger Games paraphernalia while they had to sign a disclaimer not to do the same. Lionsgate later learned that the defendants were offering allegedly counterfeit Hunger Games merchandise for sale online. Later that month, NECA replied that the accusations wre unfounded and meritless.

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