Capitol Couture Coming Soon for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

In case you are unaware, Capitol Couture is a Tumblr website featuring the fashion and the elegance of “The Capitol” in “The Hunger Games” series. As a refresher, Capitol Couture gave us profiles of well known Capitol citizens like Katniss’ stylist Cinna, her escort Effie, and the head gamemaker of the 74th Hunger Games Seneca Crane. 
As you can see, the site cannot be accessed yet. However, if you notice something like a pattern and then if you click on the mouse  (left click & hold it) and follow the pattern, an image of a chair will come up. This is the same image that was posted on the official Capitol Couture instagram account at

The image comes with the text: “Always Elegant.  Always Prompt.  Join us on March 4. #LadiesFirst

We expect something good to come by March 4th! Are you excited?

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