Liam Hemsworth Talks About Catching Fire; The Hunger Games Nominated for Saturn Awards and Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America Awards

I got some good news to you tributes. 
First, Liam Hemsworth was able to talk to Vanity Fair about Catching Fire. The Australian actor was also able to share his experiences of having multiple jobs (which you might not actually imagined that he did) before landing an acting role. He also talked about Miley and her new hair! The video cannot be embedded but you can see it on Vanity Fair’s site. Click here to view the interview.
And for another good news. The Hunger Games was able to get nominations from the Saturn and Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America’s Nebula Awards
The Hunger Games was nominated for its screenplay at the Nebula Award. THG was also nominated for the  “Best Science Fiction Film” and “Best Actress” at the Saturn Awards.

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