Jennifer Lawrence Wins Best Actress Award at Jameson Empire Awards 2013

Fresh from her recent win at the OSCARS, Jennifer Lawrence just can’t get enough of accepting lots of acting awards. Well, she deserve it! This time, it’s not about The Silver Linings Playbook but as Katniss Everdeen in the today’s biggest franchise “The Hunger Games.” 

Jennifer was not able to be there personally but there’s a transcript from her acceptance video.By the way, Sam Claflin was also there as a presentor.

BEST ACTRESS presented by Citroen

Presenting this next one is a man who recently ventured into A Field In England with Ben Wheatley – so he’s a braver man than we are – and survived to take a crack at playing Patrick Troughton in Doctor Who story An Adventure In Space And Time. It’s Reece Shearsmith! “Being an actress myself, I know how much it means to win this. I have a little anecdote here I’d like to share with you – if you could just pass that around [goes down to give a piece of paper to an audience member]“

And the winner is JENNIFER LAWRENCE for The Hunger Games rather than Silver Linings Playbook (or SILVER LININGS (playbook) here in the UK), because Empire voters don’t get freaked out by genre movies. She can’t be with us tonight because she’s still hunger gaming somewhere. That, or she tripped on the way to the red carpet and hasn’t gotten up yet. Either way, may the odds be ever in her favour. And she has sent a message, which Shearsmith reads.

Jennifer Lawrence’s acceptance speech:

“Hi Empire awards, I’m really sorry I can’t be there. I’d like to thank the Empire readers for voting for me. I loved playing Catnip – is that right?” asks Shearsmith. “I’ll make sure she gets this award… I won’t really.”

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